Government Shutdown Partnership

The only online traffic school looking out for our patriots!

We want to give government employees some relief!

Thank you for being amazing, during a very difficult time.

If you and your family are affected by the government shutdown, then Too Cool Traffic School is here to partner with you! We are aware that around 800,000 workers in the United States are not getting paid at this time. We also realize that these employees have families that may need our online classes to continue their driving requirements. This is why we would like to partner with our patriotic families who continue to work in our favor despite the government shutdown. Let us help you for once. Too Cool Traffic School is providing all of our courses for FREE to try to say “Thank You!”

“Nobody should have to work without pay. Since traffic school is usually a necessary education requirement, we wanted to do our part to help ease the burden for them and their families in whatever small way that we can. For example, if they have teenagers, we don’t want them to be unable to get the education they need to get their license. Getting your driver’s license is a huge step towards adulthood that shouldn’t be sacrificed because of this shutdown.”

– Kayla Hekimian-Williams, Director of Education

We'll ease the burden as much as we can.

Furloughed Government Worker? Take Traffic School for FREE.

Waiving the FULL COST of the course.

We are waiving the entire cost of our courses for furloughed workers affected by the government shutdown. We understand that many workers have been placed into financial hardship and hope to prevent additional stress caused by being unable to take traffic education courses that they need.

Access to the BEST courses on the internet.

Our courses are interactive and engaging, which make them easier to get through with an ultimately more enjoyable experience! Our courses have been approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to ensure we meet all of the state’s strict educational requirements.

Always FREE! Certificates of completion!

You can’t beat it. You never have to worry about paying for a certificate. Our certificates of completion are always free and we intend on keeping it that way.



Ohio Adult Abbreviated

For adults 18+ that waited to challenge the Ohio driving test and failed one of the driving skills. In just 4 hours, you can satisfy the online requirement with us before retaking the test. (Note: Driving practice is also required. See “More Info” to learn more.) more info start now

ohio teen drivers education course

Ohio Drivers Ed Driver Training

FOR 1st TIME DRIVERS WHO WANT TO GET LICENSED Required for teens before they can be issued a driver’s license and recommended for all, regardless of age, for a more complete driver education. Min age: 15 1/2 yrs old. more info start now

Florida basic driver improvement course

Florida Basic Driver (BDI)

Did you get a ticket in Hillsborough County OR a letter from the state requiring you to take this course? If so, we can help you dismiss the points from your license and remove the citation from your driving record. more info start now


Florida Drug & Alcohol Course

Are you getting your Florida driver’s license for the first time? If so, we offer the best stress-free 4 Hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course (also known as the TLSAE) to help you meet all of Florida state driver’s license requirements. more info start now


Florida Drivers HandBook Course

We are 2COOL because we turned the boring written driver’s handbook into an engaging and narrated course lead by Sam, our virtual guide. This is a preparation course for the Florida Learner’s Permit Exam. It is based on the official Florida driver’s handbook. more info start now


Florida Learners Permit Exam

If you are 15 -17 years old you can take the exam online with your parent or guardian monitoring. The exam is one hour and has 50 questions. Your pass/fail grade will appear when you’re done. 2Cool automatically reports your passing grade to the DHSMV. more info start now

wisconsin failure to yield course

Florida Drivers Exam Practice Test

Our practice exam works just like the exam except there is no time limit so if you’re stuck on a question you can research the answer. It has over 500 questions to pull from so you never see the same exam. Use it over and over until you’re fully prepared. more info start now


Florida Teen Learners Permit Bundle

If you are 15 -17 years old you can take the exam online with your parent or guardian monitoring. This bundled package contains all four (4) products related to getting your Florida Drivers License. You get the TLSAE, HandBook Course, Practice Exam and the real exam. more info start now


Adult Drivers Permit Bundle

If you are 18 or older old we offer you a package that will help you master all the material for the Class ‘E’ Knowledge Exam. This bundled package contains three (3) products related to getting your Florida Drivers License. You get the TLSAE, HandBook Course and the Practice Exam. more info start now


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Florida BDI Course Online

The Florida BDI Course Online Looking to complete your Florida BDI course online (also called the Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course)? You’re in the right

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