First Time Florida Driver Bundle

Our First Time Adult Driver Bundle contains 3 products that you need to pass your permit exam confidently at the DMV: (1) TLSAE (required), (2) Florida Handbook Course, and (3) Unlimited Practice Exam

Florida Adult Driver’s Ed Bundle

The 3 courses to help persons 18 years old and older to get their Florida Driver’s License.


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florida traffic ticket school online

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florida learners permit test

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We are an official State Provider. There are some providers whose online courses are not state-approved. This means that these courses will not be accepted by the DHSMV. Be very cautious when picking an online provider. Not only are we 100% approved by the Florida DHSMV, but our online traffic school makes the best interactive courses with full narration for your enjoyment!

Some of our perks: include:
Florida basic driver improvement course


Get All 3 Products and SAVE MONEY!

Everything You Need INCLUDED!

Exceed the Florida DMV Requirements

  1. Florida 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course (required)
  2. Our EXCLUSIVE Florida Driver’s Handbook Course
  3. Florida Driver’s License Unlimited Practice Exams

Adult Driver Bundle

The Most Complete Adult Driver Bundle

If you are a first time driver in Florida, then you are required to take the Florida 4-hour Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE). However, this will NOT prepare you for the Florida Permit Exam. This is why we offer you a complete Adult Driver Bundle. Our Adult Driving Bundle has everything you need to get your driver’s license if you are 18 years old or older. It includes the required Drug & Alcohol (TLSAE) Course as well as two (2) permit exam preparation materials–the Florida Handbook Course and the Practice Exam. You get three (3) of our most valuable products at the lowest possible price! Other perks include:


Florida Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE)

This is one of the required courses to obtain your license (required)

If you are a first-time driver and have never had a valid driver’s license, then you are required to take this Drug & Alcohol Course (also known as the TLSAE / Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course) to get your driver’s license or learner’s permit. This course does NOT prepare you for the Learner’s Permit Exam. This is a common misunderstanding. It is completely separate from the permit exam.

Online Course Topics

Florida DMV Requirements


Online Course Topics

Florida DMV Handbook

Florida Driver's Handbook Course

The best preparation tool for the Learner’s Permit Exam (optional)

The TLSAE does NOT prepare you for the learner’s permit exam. This is a common misunderstanding. Most students think that the TLSAE prepares them for the permit exam. It does not. However, our Handbook Course will! If you are a first-time driver in Florida, then you need to study the entire Florida Driver’s Handbook to pass your learner’s permit exam. Our Handbook Course breaks down everything you need to know with easy-to-understand visuals, narration and fun activities.


Florida Drivers License Practice Test

The best simulation practice tool for the Learner’s Permit Exam (optional)

We have created another great way for you to pass the Learner’s Permit Exam the first time. This practice test simulates questions that you will see on the real exam. You can identify the areas where you need to study more to make sure that you get those correct on the real exam. You can take this practice test as many times as you want. You will get different questions every time because we designed a pool containing over 500 questions. We will give you 50 questions at a time just like the real exam. However, we do not give you a time limit because our goal is to make sure you know the material first!

Practice Test Topics

Florida Drivers License Practice Test

  • Traffic Signs and Road Rules
    This is the topic that is covered the most on the real exam, so we make sure it’s a BIG part of the questions you’ll see in this practice exam! 
  • Vehicle Requirements
    There are specific requirements on cars that make them safe and road ready. Make sure you know those little details about bumper heights, headlight visibility, etc. 
  • Occupant Protection Laws
    There is some important information you’ll need to know about seat belts and car seats. 
  • Techniques for Driving Safely
    Make sure you remember how to handle different driving situations.