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Ohio Abbreviated Adult Course

For adults 18+ years old.

Required for adults that failed the road test or maneuverability test at the BMV-required in order to re-test.

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  • BMV Approved
  • START & STOP anytime to fit your schedule
  • FREE CERTIFICATES mailed daily with tracking number
  • 100% NARRATED with videos & fun activities
  • 24/7 ACCESS - study when you want
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  • GUARANTEED to pass*
    *Free course retakes until you pass
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Ohio Teen Driver's Ed Course

For teens 15 ½ - 17 years old.

Required for teens working on getting a temporary permit - recommended for adults wanting a more complete driver education. .

We've helped thousands of people get their license. Let us help you, too!

  • BMV Approved
  • START & STOP anytime to fit your schedule
  • NARRATED Intros with videos & fun activities
  • 24/7 ACCESS - study when you want
  • FREE Tracking For Enrollment Certificates
  • FREE ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATE mailed after 2 hours in the course
  • GUARANTEED to pass*
    *Free course retakes until you pass
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Adults Getting Your License

For Adults that Failed One of the Parts of the Driving or Skills Test at the BMV. Our Course is Fully Narrated. It's tough enough to have to take it, at least enjoy it.

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course

  • Supported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Fully narrated with an animated guide (Adult Course)
  • Fun activities & videos
  • Start & Stop as needed
  • 24/7 Access to the course
  • Take the course around your schedule
  • Engaging & keeps your attention
  • Free USPS Certificate of Completion w/Tracking Number
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Teens Getting Your Temps

To Learn More About the Teen Course Click the Button Below to Visit the Page for it.
The Rest of this page is for the ADULT course.

  • 24 Hour Drivers Ed Course Includes Practice TestSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Narrated chapter introductions
  • Fun activities & videos
  • Start & Stop as needed
  • 24/7 Access to the course
  • Take the course around your schedule
  • Work up to 4 hours per day
  • FREE FEDEx 2-Day Certificate of Completion w/Tracking Guaranteed 
    Have questions or need help signing up? Call us (844) 602-1555

This App Might Save Your Life!

You're not a professional driving instructor, but this app will help you teach your teen like one while you do the required 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice.

Reduce Your Teens’ Chances of Dying or Being in a Crash by up to 50%!

Crashes Are the #1 Cause of Teen Deaths

Let’s be honest. We try to pass laws to prevent teen crashes, but the truth is, we need to teach our kids to be better drivers when they start out. But parents aren’t trained on how to teach their kids how to drive! So how do you do it well? That’s where DRVN comes in. A father of 4 young men from Columbus didn’t want his sons to become a statistic. After looking at the data, he discovered that parents and guardians who served as the primary driving coach for their kids weren’t doing a good enough job teaching their teens how to drive. So, he wanted to do something to make it easier for parents to make their teens safer drivers! Just because your kids suddenly turned old enough to drive doesn’t mean that you magically know what and how to teach your kid as a driving instructor. You’re not a professional driving instructor but this app guides you to teach your teen like one! =)

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Education


Adults who are 18 years or older that failed the road test and/or maneuverability test need to take this course.

Before retaking your test at the BMV, you must do TWO (2) things:

1. Take at least 4 hours to complete and pass the Online Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course with us, OR, 4 hours of in-person classroom education at a driving school near you.


2. Complete 24 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training* with a licensed driver who is 21 years or older, OR, 4 hours with a driving instructor at a driving school near you.
*We are an online-only traffic school; we do not offer Behind-the-Wheel training.

2COOL is the pioneer of e-learning in the online driver education industry. Not only do we have Sam to guide you through the course we are there with you every step of the way to make sure you make it through to get your Ohio driver’s license.

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Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course

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Free USPS shipping & tracking number are included in your course purchase, but it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your certificate. We know your BMV appointment is time-sensitive. This is why we also offer FedEx shipping at an additional cost for guaranteed faster delivery.





Standard Mail Certificate Delivery

Certificates of completion are mailed through USPS and include a tracking number at no additional cost. The estimated time of delivery with standard USPS shipping is 7-10 days, including weekends. However, the average delivery time is 3-5 days. In order to have your certificate processed and mailed on the same day through USPS, you must complete the course by 2 p.m. (M-F).

FedEx Express Certificate Delivery

You are Too Cool to wait for snail mail! We offer additional expedited shipping options so that you receive your certificate before retaking your driving test:

  1. Overnight (Guaranteed Next Business day by 8:00 p.m., M-F)
  2. 2-Day (Guaranteed 2nd Business Day by 8:00 p.m., M-F)
  3. 3-Day (Guaranteed 3rd Business day by 8:00 p.m., M-F)

In order to have your certificate processed and mailed on the same day through FedEx, you must complete the course by 2 p.m. (M-F).

*Please note: FedEx does not deliver on weekends and does not deliver to P.O. Box mailing addresses.




Many people wait until they turn 18 to take the Ohio Driver’s Exam in order to avoid taking the Driver’s Education Course. A lot of them also fail the road and/or maneuverability test. If this is you, you are not alone! Per Ohio State Law, you must take the 4-Hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course before you are allowed to retake the part that you failed.



Course Requirements

In order to satisfy the 4-hour class requirement, you must take at least 4 hours to complete the course and pass the final exam. A minimum of 4 hours is the requirement set by the state of Ohio for all online traffic schools. But unlike all online traffic schools, we have developed the best interactive, video-based course available. Our online course is the only one that is 100% narrated, whereas other online traffic schools will make you read endless pages of text or pay an additional cost for video and narration. These are already included in your purchase. Of course, you have the option to read. But you also have the easier option to sit back, relax and listen to Sam, our virtual guide. Need a break? No problem. 4 hours is too long for anyone to learn in one sitting. You can take a break and return to the course whenever you are ready. You will pick up right where you left off.


Certificate Delivery Tracking Number


guy holding tennessee certificate

Proof of Completion

After completing our online course, we will be notified automatically and will mail a hard copy of your certificate to the mailing address that you provided. The state of Ohio requires that you receive a hard copy of your certificate [4501-8-10]. Electronic versions are not allowed and will not be accepted by the BMV. You must take this certificate of completion as well as proof of your behind-the-wheel training to the BMV before you can retake the portion of the test that you failed. Proof of the behind-the-wheel training could be a form signed by a 4-hour driving instructor or the 24-hour affidavit which certifies that you practiced with a licensed driver that is 21 or older.


Ohio DPS Approved


We are an official State Provider for Ohio. See for yourself. There are some providers whose online courses are not state-approved. This means that these courses will not be accepted by the DPS. However, 2Cool Traffic School is 100% approved. Your Ohio Abbreviated Adult Training Course certificate will be accepted by the Ohio DPS.

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training.

4 Hour Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course Topics

We designed our course so that you spend the required 4 hours in it. Each slide is specifically timed so that the content is presented and then it is ready to advance. If you stay focused and keep in time with our system you will complete the course in just a tiny bit over 4 hours. Here are more in-depth chapter descriptions so you know what you will be learning and how long you should spend in each chapter.

Chapter 1: Basic Control Tasks (30 minutes)

You can’t drive a car without knowing the basic controls! This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions on driving preparation, including mirror settings and seat belt operations. You’ll also learn about basic dashboard lights as well as speed, posture and steering through fun interactions and videos.

Chapter 2: Traffic Control Devices & Laws (50 minutes)

In this section, you’ll take a closer look at different traffic signs and what they mean. These signs help prevent traffic collisions and fatalities, which is why it’s very important to know them. There are plenty of interactions to guide you on how traffic signals, warning signs, basic road rules and much more!

Chapter 3: Perception & Driving Strategies for Different Environments (50 minutes)

We know that driving can make you nervous and anxious. That’s why we think you should know the SIPDE system and how to manage your visibility, time and space on the road. We also cover driving techniques on the highway, how to treat vulnerable road users and what to do when a cop stops you.

Chapter 4: Operating in Adverse Conditions (20 minutes)

We understand that weather conditions in Ohio can be bad. Snow, heavy winds and rain are considered adverse driving conditions that you can’t avoid sometimes. You’ll learn tips on how to deal with driving in bad weather, heavy fog and other conditions that reduce your visibility.

Chapter 5: Driver Fitness (60 minutes)

Driver fitness is a real thing! You don’t necessarily exercise in your car. Instead, we cover your senses, emotions and overall physical health that impact your ability to drive safely. You’ll also learn things you’ve probably never heard of before, such as highway hypnosis. Additionally, we go into drug and alcohol consumption and how to use a BAC calculator.

Chapter 6: Owning & Maintaining a Car (30 minutes)

After all is said and done, we have to make sure you know the responsibilities of owning a car. We teach you about Ohio’s insurance requirements and why it’s crucial to do your research to see which plan is best for you as a new driver. We’ll also teach you about vehicle maintenance and how to renew your license registration.

girl and boy teen holding drivers license ohio

Don't Wait

May We Suggest

We understand that the process of getting your license is extremely time-sensitive and a little stressful. The longer you take, the longer you wait! We suggest registering right now and starting the course as soon as possible. After completing the course, the state of Ohio requires that we physically mail your certificate. Sending it by email or any electronic version is not permitted. This is the rule for all online traffic schools. We offer FREE USPS SHIPPING (tracking number included), which can take 7-10 days. While you wait for your certificate in the mail, we suggest that you complete the Behind-the-Wheel training requirement. (Please note: We are an online-only traffic school. We do not offer any Behind-the-Wheel training.)

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to take this if I failed the Ohio driving test?
    Yes. You are required to take this 4 hour Ohio abbreviated adult driver training course if you failed at least one portion of your driving test.
  2. How much is the 4 hour driving class in Ohio?
    We’re running a special right now that only costs $68.99. This includes taxes, fees and FREE USPS shipping with a tracking number.
  3. How long does drivers ed take in Ohio?
    The abbreviated driver training is designed to be 4 hours. However, it could take you longer depending on your learning speed and how many breaks you take in between each session.
  4. How many questions are on the 4 hour Ohio abbreviated drivers ed class?
    There are only 20 questions and you need to get at least 15 right to pass, which is a 75%.
  5. What is the online 4 hour drivers ed course for Ohio like?
    View our demo! We’re proud to show off our product before you buy. Shouldn’t that be with everything you purchase? Our course is fully narrated with different activities and videos throughout the course.
  6. How do I sign up for the 4 hour driver training in Ohio?
    Click here to sign up and register for our course. We make the registration process very easy!
  7. Is there a 4 hour online driving course in Ohio for free?
    Unfortunately, we do not know of any approved online providers who offer the 4 hour driving course for free.

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