Florida Drivers Handbook Course

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Florida Driver's License Handbook Course

Learner's Permit Prep Course

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Everything you need to know to pass the Learner's Permit Exam
(also known as the Class E Knowledge Exam)

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Florida Drivers Handbook Course

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  • Florida Driver's License Handbook CourseSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
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Why do I need the Florida Driver’s Handbook Course?

Wouldn’t you rather take it as a course than read a PDF? You need to study the Florida Driver’s Handbook because that is where the information comes from for the Florida Learner’s Permit Exam (class ‘E’ knowledge exam). Everyone needs to pass the Learner’s Permit Exam even if you are over 18 so that you can legally drive.

I studied for the TLSAE and it covers the laws. Isn’t that enough?

No, it isn’t.  The TLSAE focuses on laws that relate to substance abuse behind the wheel. It is the first step for all new drivers but only one step in getting your Florida Driver’s license.  You need to study the Florida Driver’s Handbook so we developed it into a course because that is a lot better than being stuck reading a lot.  It is a lot easier to click, listen & learn than to read page after page of PDFs.

Online Course Topics

Florida Drivers Handbook

  • Chapter 1: Your Vehicle
  • Chapter 2: You – The Driver
  • Chapter 3: Occupant Protection
  • Chapter 4: Traffic Signs and Pavement Marketings
  • Chapter 5: Techniques for Driving Safely
  • Chapter 6: Sharing the Road
  • Chapter 7: Special Driving Situations
  • Chapter 8: Handling Emergencies
  • Chapter 9: Your Driving Privilege
  • Chapter 10: Your License or ID Card
  • Chapter 11: Driving School Providers and Drivers License Testing.

Official State Provider

State Approved Florida

We are an official state provider for Florida driver’s education online courses. We took the material directly from the official Florida Drivers Handbook written by the DHSMV and turned it into a fun, interactive handbook course.


This program helped my son pass the first time.


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Save with our packaged deals.  Please make sure you choose the correct product for you.  For Teens, you get the online Florida Learner’s Permit Exam.  Adults over 18 must take their exam at the DMV office.

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