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Ohio Adult Abbreviated

For adults 18+ that waited to challenge the Ohio driving test and failed one of the driving skills. In just 4 hours, you can satisfy the online requirement with us before retaking the test. (Note: Driving practice is also required. See “More Info” to learn more.) more info start now

ohio teen drivers education course

Ohio Drivers Ed Driver Training

FOR 1st TIME DRIVERS WHO WANT TO GET LICENSED. Required for teens and first time drivers before they can be issued a driver’s license and recommended for all, regardless of age, for a more complete driver education. Min age: 15 1/2 yrs old.
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Florida Basic Driver (BDI)

Did you get a ticket in Hillsborough County OR a letter from the state requiring you to take this course? If so, we can help you dismiss the points from your license and remove the citation from your driving record. more info start now En Español


Florida Drug & Alcohol Course

Are you getting your Florida driver’s license for the first time? If so, we offer the best stress-free 4 Hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course (also known as the TLSAE) to help you meet all of Florida state driver’s license requirements. more info start now En Español


Florida Drivers HandBook Course

We are 2COOL because we turned the boring written driver’s handbook into an engaging and narrated course lead by Sam, our virtual guide. This is a preparation course for the Florida Learner’s Permit Exam. It is based on the official Florida driver’s handbook. more info start now


Florida Learners Permit Exam

If you are 15 -17 years old you can take the exam online with your parent or guardian monitoring. The exam is one hour and has 50 questions. Your pass/fail grade will appear when you’re done. 2Cool automatically reports your passing grade to the DHSMV. more info start now En Español

wisconsin failure to yield course

Florida Drivers Exam Practice Test

Our practice exam works just like the exam except there is no time limit so if you’re stuck on a question you can research the answer. It has over 500 questions to pull from so you never see the same exam. Use it over and over until you’re fully prepared. more info start now


Florida Teen Learners Permit Bundle

If you are 15 -17 years old you can take the exam online with your parent or guardian. This bundle contains all four (4) products related to getting your Florida Drivers License. You get the TLSAE, HandBook Course, Practice Exam and the real exam.
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Adult Drivers Permit Bundle

If you are 18 or older old we offer you a package that will help you master all the material for the Class ‘E’ Knowledge Exam. This bundled package contains three (3) products related to getting your Florida Drivers License. You get the TLSAE, HandBook Course and the Practice Exam. more info start now


Paquete Español

Si tiene 18 años o más, le ofrecemos un paquete que le ayudará a dominar todo el material para el examen de conocimientos de la clase "E". Este paquete incluye tres (2) productos relacionados con la obtención de su licencia de conducir de Florida. Obtienes el TLSAE y el examen de permiso. more info start now


Tennessee Driver Improvement

Did you receive a court order in Tennessee to take a class for 4-hour Defensive Driving? If so, our fully-narrated, online course will help you satisfy this requirement. We are approved by the TDOS. (Select Counties Only) more info start now


Wisconsin Failure to Yield

Were you convicted for Failure to Yield? If so, WI Statute 346.18 requires you to take this Right-of-Way/Failure to Yield course. Luckily, you can take this WISDOT-approved course with us entirely online. more info start now


ohio teen drivers ed

8hr Basic Driver Improvement

Already taken the 4 Hr BDI? This is for persons that an 8 Hr is required by the court. more info start now En Español

ohio abbreviated adult course

Advanced Driver Improvement

Anyone who has accumulated enough points and has had their license suspended. more info start now En Español

ohio teen drivers ed

Mature Driver Course

For senior and older drivers to receive possible insurance discounts from their providers. more info start now


new york points reduction course


This New York Defensive Driving Course, also known as the PIRP Course (Point & Insurance Reduction Program) is specifically designed remove your points.
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new jersey points reduction course


You may only receive a 2 point reduction once every 5 years and only if there are points on your driving record at the time you complete the course.
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Your completion will be automatically reported to the state of Florida and then Hillsborough County now gets the electronic transfer.

Should I Pay the Ticket or Fight it?




Our Florida BDI Online Traffic Course Perks

florida traffic ticket school online

100% Online

All you need is the internet and you are set.

florida traffic ticket school online

Free Certificates

Fully downloadable upon completion.

florida learners permit test


Knowledge base full of answers to most common questions.

florida learners permit test

Start/Stop Anytime

Take it around your schedule 24/7

florida learners permit test

FLHSMV Approved

We are Florida State-Approved.

florida learners permit exam

Entertaining Narration

Sit back and listen.

Official Provider

DHSMV Approved

We are an official State Provider. 

There are some providers whose online courses are not state-approved. This means that these courses will not be accepted by the DHSMV. However, 2Cool Traffic School is 100% approved. Your Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course completion will be accepted by the Florida DHSMV.

Florida basic driver improvement course

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florida tlsae

Florida Basic Driver
Improvement (BDI) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course

Our Florida BDI Course is simple, fun and interactive. Refresh your memory on basic road rules and techniques with Sam, our animated guide. Sit back and follow along as Sam reads each of the 10 chapters to you. He will even teach you about new traffic laws and topics that you might not have known existed, such as special pedestrian crossings, bike boxes, and more! Indeed, there is a final exam. If you fail, you can retake it for free until you pass. Easy, right? After the simple sign-up process, you can begin our fun and interactive course immediately. Upon completion, your FREE certificate will be waiting for you on the course dashboard. You can download and submit your certificate online or print it out and mail it in.