Must be at least 14½ years old to register.


This course is required for teen drivers who are 15-15½ before they can get their minor permit.  Teens between 15½ and 16 can take this course instead of a 4-hour driver awareness class. 



Take this practice test in order to test your knowledge and get familiar with the kinds of questions that you’ll be tested on for your Learner’s Permit Exam. 

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Colorado Driver's Ed Online

Whether you need driver’s ed to meet the teen driver’s ed requirements or you want to take it so that you have a better understanding of the state’s road rules, you’re in good hands!

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Colorado Driver's Ed Online Course

Teen Driver's Ed in Colorado

This is the online driver's ed course that is REQUIRED for teens who are 15-15½ before they can get their minor permit. Teens between 15½ and 16 can take this course instead of a 4-hour driver awareness class. New drivers 16+ are recommended to take the course to familiarize themselves with the rules of the road.

To Get Your Permit

Important Notes:

  • If you are 15-15½ years old: This Colorado drivers ed course is REQUIRED.
  • If you are 15½ to 16 years old: Complete EITHER the online driver’s ed course OR a 4 hour driver awareness class.
  • If you are 16+ years old: It is RECOMMENDED to take the Colorado drivers ed course, but there is no education requirement.


Before you can receive your permit, you will also need to pass the Written Test, based on the Colorado driver’s handbook.

For teens who are 15-16 that want to get their permit in Colorado.

Colorado Driver's Ed FAQ

This Colorado driver’s ed course is REQUIRED if you are 15-15½ years old. If you are 15½-16 years old, you can take it instead of the driver awareness class. If you are 16+ years old you are not required to do driver’s ed, but it is recommended.

You must be at least 14½ years old to take this course. 

If your goal is to get your license on your 16th birthday, you should start driver’s ed at age 14 ½. You will need to do this before you can get your learner’s permit. After you have a permit, you will need to log 50 hours of drive-time over the course of one year before applying for a license.

The licensing requirements depend on how old you are when you start the process, so you should carefully review the steps to getting licensed in Colorado. If you want to get your license as soon as you turn 16, you should start driver’s ed at age 14 ½.

The course is 30 hours long, and meets all of the state requirements. 

You will receive an email shortly after you complete and pass the course. 

Colorado drivers ed online

Colorado Written Exam Practice Tests

Prepare for the written exam and get your learner's permit easily! Even if you don't need to take driver's ed, ALL new drivers need to be able to pass the written exam to get their permit.

Designed with You in Mind

Take the practice tests as many times as you need so that you can pass your written exam and get your permit on the first try! The tests are based on the Colorado Driver’s Handbook, which is the information you’ll be tested on.

For new drivers who want to prepare for their written test to get their permit.

This is the best way to make sure that you pass your driver’s written test on the first try!