Florida TLSAE Test
(Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education)

APPROVED by the State of Florida

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Florida TLSAE Test

First Time Florida Drivers

This is the REQUIRED Florida 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol Test you need to get your first Florida driver's license.

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Florida TLSAE (Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course)

The 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol Couse

Required for all new driver’s in the state of Florida

The first step in getting your Florida Learner’s Permit. It is important to know that this is only the first step.  To get your Learner’s Permit you need to pass the Learner’s Permit Exam and that info comes from the Florida Driver’s Handbook.  Luckily, we’ve created a course for that too so you can keep learning in the easy, comfortable environment. We also offer a practice exam module so you know when you are ready.  You can of course buy bundles Teens Here and Adults Here to save money.

TLSAE Course Topics

Florida DMV Requirements

  • Chapter 1: Drugs, Alcohol and Your Body (40 Minutes*)
  • Chapter 2: The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (50 Minutes*)
  • Chapter 3: Impaired Driving (20 Minutes*)
  • Chapter 4: Florida Traffic Laws (60 Minutes*)
  • Chapter 5: Vulnerable Road Users (30 Minutes*)
  • Chapter 6: Defensive Driving Skills (40 Minutes*)
  • Exam

(* Times are approximations)

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What does the TLSAE Test Cover?

The state of Florida is trying to reduce the number of people that drive while impaired through education. The jury is still out on how effective it is. All you need to do is look in the news and you will see people getting arrested or causing crashes every day. We hope that all of our students at 2COOL Traffic School take this information very, very seriously. It can be the difference between life and death for you, your passengers or even an innocent victim. In this day and age all of you should be smart enough to not drink and drive.  Please use some form of ride sharing or Lyft or Uber if you are impaired in any way. From alcohol or even prescription meds. There is no excuse anymore for getting arrested. Use any one of the many alternatives. The follow are the topics they cover in the course with a bit more detail.

Drugs, Alcohol and Your Body

Do you know how drugs and alcohol can enter your body? You’ll learn about how these can be ingested, inhaled and injected and how each will directly impact you immediately. You’ll also learn about the short- and long-term effects that will impact your driving and daily lifestyle. Lastly, we’ll compare different drugs and teach you how prescribed medication can also be dangerous.

The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Do you know the differences between negative and positive coping methods? Through videos and interactions, we teach you how people abuse drugs and alcohol by using them to deal with hard situations. We’ll also teach you the personal consequences and societal costs of a DUI.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence doesn’t just mean drunk driving. It also means that you’re driving under the influence of drugs. Your vision and overall physicality are badly impacted and you can’t operate a vehicle safely. Find out how the amount of drinks affect your BAC and why underage drinking simply isn’t worth it!

Florida Traffic Laws

The law is powerful. Wouldn’t you like to know them all before you drive? It could save you money from a traffic ticket, but it can also save your life by avoiding car collisions. In this section, you’ll learn about road rules and our driver license point system.

Vulnerable Road Users

This might seem like a funny term because we don’t use it every day, but vulnerable road users are simply pedestrians, bicyclists and senior drivers. Even typical compact cars are considered vulnerable road users to semi-trucks. You’ll learn how to drive safely around them and how to share the road with other road users.

Defensive Driving Skills

Defensive driving skills is a necessary set of skills to have on the road. Not everyone thinks the same way you do when they’re driving. This is why it’s important to be aware of other drivers’ behaviors and how to handle them. In this chapter, you’ll gain insight on distracted drivers and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn how to be a proactive driver.

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Our Course Bundles To Save you Money

We know money is important, so we package our products together to save you money.  If you need the Florida 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Course you are getting yrou driver’s license in Florida so you need more materials than just the TLSAE course.

Florida Teenagers

If you are a teenager you need to take the Learner’s Permit Exam (you can do that online with us here) and to do that you need to study the Florida Driver’s Handbook.  We have a course for that too.  To help you identify areas you need to work on we offer the Practice Exam that has 500 questions to pull from and can be used unlimited times.

Florida Adults

If you are an adult 18 years old or older you need the same thing too.  The only difference is as in adult you are required to go to the DMV to take your learner’s Permit Exam.  Yes, as an adult you need the Learner’s Permit too because you have to legally drive for your driving test at the very least.