Florida Drivers License Practice Test

FOR ANY AGE.  This practice test is for anyone needing to study for the official Florida Class E Knowledge Exam (the Florida Permit Exam) so you can get your Florida driver’s license.

Florida Drivers License Practice Test


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The Best Practice Exam Available. Unlimited Attempts with a 400 Question Pool.

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We are an official state provider for Online Florida Driver’s Education courses.  Our state Driver’s License Practice Exam is not required to be approved by the state as it comes directly from the Florida Driver’s Handbook. You can rest assured our driver’s ed practice test is developed with the same care and attention to detail as our approved courses.

Topics Covered

Florida Driver’s License Practice Exam

  • Traffic Signs and Road Rules This is the topic that is covered the most on the real exam, so we make sure it’s a BIG part of the questions you’ll see in this practice exam!
  • Vehicle Requirements There are specific requirements on cars that make them safe and road ready. Make sure you know those little details about bumper heights, headlight visibility, etc.
  • Occupant Protection Laws There is some important information you’ll need to know about seat belts and car seats.
  • Techniques for Driving Safely Make sure you remember how to handle different driving situations.

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