6hr New York Defensive Driving Course (PIRP Course) for Point and Insurance Reduction

Get 4 points off your driving record & 10% off your car insurance premiums for 3 years!

New York Points Reduction Course

New York Defensive Driver Course (PIRP Course)

For Point & Insurance Reduction

The simple & easy way to get 4 points off your record and get a discount on your car insurance!

Low Cost. Easy to Use. Insurance Discounts and Point Removal!

  • ATTENTION:The defensive driving course is a voluntary course. You can take this course to reduce points that were assessed for that happened within last 18 months.
  • START & STOP anytime to fit your schedule
  • 24/7 ACCESS so you can study when you want to
  • EASY & CONVENIENT modern course design is simple to use
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New York Defensive Driving Course (PIRP Course)

Remove 4 Points from Your Driving Record

Don’t be confused, yes this is 2COOL Traffic School and yes, this is an American Safety Institute (ASI) course. We’ve gotten many calls over the years for courses we do not offer and would end up telling the caller to Google ASI and they have what they need. So rather than put you through all that aggravation we’ve added our competitors courses on our site to serve you better.

Who does that??? 🙂 We do!

Get a discount on your car insurance premiums!


Will the New York Defensive Driving Course (PIRP Course) remove my points?

The Defensive Driving Course, also known as the PIRP Course (Point & Insurance Reduction Program) is specifically designed to do just that!

If you’ve been issued points for any violations within the last 18 months, you can take the defensive driving course to have 4 points removed from your record. This means that they won’t be held against you towards getting your license suspended or revoked. However, it won’t actually take the violation off of your driving record. To make sure that the points have been removed, it’s recommended that you wait 10 weeks and then order a driving record from the DMV.

How do you get the 10% insurance discount?

Make sure you give the certificate of completion to your insurance company or agent within 90 days of completing the course. This will ensure that your liability and collision insurance premium reduction will start immediately and be retroactive to the date that you actually completed the course. The reduction can only be applied to one driver for each covered vehicle. 

What are ASI courses like?

ASI is one of the top driver training course companies in the industry.  They have been faithfully serving the community for many years. They offer many of the same features we do at 2COOL. You won’t have Sam, our animated character taking you through the course but you will have:

  • Cool animations and video
  • Printable Certificate
  • Self Paced
  • Available 24/7

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Official Provider

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This Defensive Driving Course is provided by an approved 3rd-party provider and is accepted by the NY DMV to meet your requirements.


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