Is My License Suspended?

Is my license suspended?

A driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons, ranging from unpaid fines and the accumulation of points from repeat traffic violations to serious violations (such as a DUI). Even if these don’t apply to you, there is a small risk that your license could be suspended as a result of inaccuracies on your driving record. For example, your license may be suspended if your record shows that you received tickets even though you were never issued them.

Driving with a suspended license

Driving with a suspended license is very serious. In fact, if you knowingly drive with a suspended license, it is considered a criminal infraction. In this case, the police officer has the option to immediately arrest you or issue you a notice to appear. Keep in mind that the officer is the one who makes the decision on whether they believe a driver was aware of their license suspension or not. If they believe you had no knowledge of your suspension, they may issue you a civil traffic citation. However, both the criminal and civil citation can lead to you being designated as a habitual traffic offender which will result in a 5 year license revocation!

Man driving with a suspended license

“Is my license suspended?”

If you haven’t verified the information on your driving record, or are unsure whether your license is suspended, you should perform a driver’s license check and request a copy of your Florida driving record.

Checking your driver’s license

The Florida DHSMV provides a driver’s license lookup which will allow you to see whether your license is valid or not, while providing additional information as well. Using this tool, you can learn which Class of license you have, whether there are any restrictions or endorsements on your license, as well as your eligibility to attend traffic school.

Get a copy of your driver’s history

Regardless of whether your license is valid or not, reviewing your driver’s history is always a good idea. Driving records provide information about civil and criminal traffic tickets, crashes and more. Reviewing the document will keep you aware of any points that have been assessed against you, which can help you avoid allowing them to accumulate to the point where your license will be suspended. Purchasing a copy of your record is extremely important, too, since it allows you to verify that there are no mistakes. Click here to get a copy of your record immediately emailed to you! If you find errors, you should contact the Florida DHSMV at (850) 922-9000.


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