Cut YOUR KIDS Chances of DYING While Driving by 50%

At 2COOL we are proud to announce our working relationship with the folks at DRVN App.

DRVN App is the project of Robert Abbott. Robert is a father of 4 young men that just went through the process of earning their driver’s license. Robert is a data guy. You know them, they know numbers and can spout facts and numbers out effortlessly? Well, when he was dealing with getting his sons their driver’s licenses he recognized that too many young people are dying. Being a data-guy he knew if you looked at the problem and analyzed it, you could come up with some answers. The DRVN App provides at least some of those answers.


At 2COOL, we do our best to provide the best educational experience. All of the driving schools associated with us feel just as passionately about providing a great education hoping we can help keep kids safe. But after we’ve done our job, the bulk of your child’s driving education is left in your hands. Seems kind of crazy, but the way it works is we have untrained people training our kids to do the most dangerous thing that most of them will do in their lifetimes with no education, guidance or experience other than being a driver themselves. But that does not qualify you as a teacher.

Click this image to visit the DRVN App Home page to learn a lot more.

In response, Robert developed the DRVN App. Pardon the pun, but it gives parents a roadmap on how to teach your child to be a better driver. Both the parent and student need the app.

Here is how it works.
1. Parents install the app. (Download on Google Play Store or on the Apple Store)
2. Invite your child
3. Child installs app from invite and you are linked together.

Once you’ve done this, you now have this amazing app that helps and guides you through teaching your child to be a better driver. Plus, let’s be honest. In some situations, it isn’t easy teaching a family member and because of that it isn’t hard to imagine that in some cases, 50 hours of driver training have not been met but the affidavit is filled out anyway. Who’s going to know, right? The problem there is that it has created a lot of very bad drivers that make a lot of mistakes.

This app helps you through that process and helps make you a better teacher, making your child a better driver. Remember when we said Robert was a data guy? Students using the app have shown a 50% decrease in incidents. 50%! If I told you that I can reduce the chance of your child dying in a car accident by 50% you’d jump at that wouldn’t you? Well, all it requires is you, your time and the DRVN App.

Are you an adult that failed a part of the drivers test and need that 4 hour course?



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