What is Defensive Driving and What Does a Defensive Driving Course Teach?

What is Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a set of road skills, techniques and strategies that assist you in defending yourself against possible collisions. Sharing the road with other drivers can be difficult. And besides the normal people on the roadways, you also must be aware and prepared to safely handle bad drivers, drunk drivers, and poor weather conditions.

Defensive Driving Tips

Drivers that follow these tips are often much safer on the roads, since they notice changes in the road situation more quickly and are able to quickly determine what they should do to safely handle a situation.

  • Plan ahead for unexpected situations (ex. a child chasing a ball)
  • Control your speed
  • Be ready to react to other drivers (ex. the car ahead slamming on their brakes)
  • Don’t expect other drivers to do what you think they should
  • Be respectful of other road users (ex. don’t honk at others or cut them off)
  • Understand how to drive safely in various weather and road conditions
  • Be focused and alert (ex. don’t use your cell phone)

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What does a Defensive Driving Course Cover?

Most defensive driving courses cover similar topics and are designed to help drivers implement certain skills into their daily driving routine. These skills ultimately aim to save lives, time and money for everyone.

Too Cool Traffic School’s defensive driving courses often include:

  • Traffic crash statistics
  • Psychological factors that affect driving
  • Human factors that affect driving (such as alcohol or drugs)
  • Crash dynamics and safety equipment
  • Crash prevention techniques



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