Teens are required to complete this course before obtaining an Ohio driver’s license. Note: Adults who complete this course and 8 hours of driving with a licensed school are exempted from the Abbreviated Adult Course.

Min age: 15 years & 5 months

Ohio Teen Driver Course Ohio Teen Driver Course


The state of Ohio requires all teenagers under the age of 18 to take a 24-hour teen driver’s education course and 8 hours of professional instruction, prior to getting their license. At 15 years and 6 months a teenager can take the knowledge exam (or the written portion of the driving test) that qualifies them for a temporary learners permit or temps.

Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Course Topics

OHIO BMV Required Syllabus

Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Requirements

All drivers are encouraged to take this course if you are a first timer driver in Ohio in order to obtain proper Ohio driver training to get your drivers license.

Min. Age:   15 years 5 months

Adults: who complete this course and 8 hours of driving with a licensed behind-the-wheel (BTW) school are exempted from the Abbreviated Adult Course.

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Eligibility: 15 years & 5 months. Complete and pass the Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Course. Free practice test included.


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Eligibility: 15 years & 6 months. Pass the permit test and you’ll be eligible for your temporary instruction permit (TIPIC).


Find a Driving School

Sign-up & drive 8hrs with a licensed instructor. Then drive another 50hrs (10 being at night) with a licensed adult.


Download Completion Certificate

Just login and download your completion certificate. It’s that easy.


Hold TIPIC (6 mths)

Hold your TIPIC for 6 months and be at least 16 years old. Then, you can take the driving test and apply for your driver’s license.


Schedule Driving Test

Schedule the road and maneuverability test at your local BMV office.

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Our Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Students Say:

Please take a moment and read below what our students think of our course and support for our Ohio Teen Drivers Ed online course.


Find a driving school in your area to meet your behind-the-wheel requirements for your Ohio Teen Drivers Ed behind-the-wheel training.


Did you know that driving is a privilege and not a right? That’s why it’s important to know the system. The “system” that we are going to teach you is the Ohio highway transportation system. You’ll learn the ins and outs about the highway on which you are about to embark! We’re going to tell you why the system works and what happens when it doesn’t. More importantly, we’ll teach you defensive driving strategies that will reduce car collisions. We’ll also explain the overall advantages to taking an online driver education course and describe the Ohio Graduated Driver Licensing process.

We know that not every car is the same, but they do have the same basic features. In this section, you’ll learn about the four vehicle systems: (1) comfort and control systems, (2) visibility system, (3) information / communication system and (4) anti-theft system. Each is uniquely located and operated differently, so it’s important to be familiar with them. You’ll also learn and practice the completion of proper pre-drive checks when you’re approaching the car, outside of the car and inside of the car. You’ll also learn how to adjust the car to fit you. You do not want to overlook these pre-checks because you’ll be performing them during your driving test!

In this section, we go heavy on the interactions and videos! Why? The basic control tasks that we teach you are better taught with visuals. You’ll see how to operate basic control tasks in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. We’ll show you acceleration and braking techniques as well as how to turn, park, pass and more! Again, you’ll want to pay close attention to these maneuvers because you’ll be performing them during your driving test.

Here’s another fun and highly visual chapter that you’ll love. All those traffic signs and roadway markings spread throughout the streets–What exactly do they mean? In this section, you’ll take an in-depth look at regulatory signs, warning signs and guide signs. We’ll also illustrate what to do in various right-of-way situations according to Ohio driving laws. Last but not least, we review the school bus stop law, speed laws, railroad crossings and more!

In school, they tell you that sharing is caring. That’s still true in traffic school, too! We have to learn to share the road with other drivers. Even though you can’t control everyone’s driving behaviors, you can control yours. By being a proactive and defensive driver, you can reduce risks of collisions on the road. In this section, we introduce the S.E.E. system and discuss strategies for managing speed, space and visibility in different driving environments, such as urban and rural areas and expressways.

What goes up must come down! If you don’t like science, this section might change your mind (…we said might!). We’ll talk about gravity, kinetic energy, force of impact and more. These factors contribute a lot to driving believe it or not. With videos and other visuals, you’ll be able to see how different speeds and momentum interact to bring different results when driving. After this chapter, you’ll know strategies that reduce risks on the road while driving under these natural laws and you’ll understand the value of seat belts. Buckle up!

No matter how new your car is, there are going to be times when you have to deal with a driving and/or vehicle emergency. This is every new driver’s worst nightmare! But you won’t have to worry because after this section, you’ll know just what to do in these emergency situations. We’ll teach you how to respond to emergencies that are caused by vehicle malfunction and driver error as well as how to deal with collisions or breakdowns properly. Remember, even when you’re done with this course, you’ll still have access to it and this section for reference later!

We understand how wishy-washy Ohio weather can be, especially during winter. That’s why we want you to know how to drive when there’s bad weather because you can’t avoid it sometimes. In this chapter, you’ll learn safe driving strategies that reduce risks on the road. But first, you’ll learn about the effects on driving with reduced visibility and reduced traction that result from rain, snow, low light, night time conditions and more.

What’s driver fitness? It’s your overall physical and emotional health that decides whether or not you’re fit to drive safely. This section is very interesting because we take into consideration things that you might never think about that relate to driving. For example, we show you how certain things can spark certain emotions or mental distractions while driving. We also go over your physical senses, such as vision, touch, smell and hearing. Depending on your conditions, these senses can cause fatigue and other ailments that might prompt you to take energy drinks or drugs to stay awake. This leads us to talk about how drugs and alcohol cause impaired driving and how to remove yourself from peer-pressured situations.

Congratulations! You’ve finally got a car. Now it’s time to show you the ropes on what you need to do to keep that car legal and safe. What we mean by keeping your car “legal” is that it needs to be registered and insured. We’ll teach you this process and teach you how to maintain your car to prevent costly repairs in the future. For those that don’t have a car yet, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have compiled a tips and other helpful suggestions when it’s time to consider buying a car.

You will be offered 50 random test questions written directly from Ohio DPS. You have 3 opportunities to pass online. If you fail the 3rd time, you will have to re-enroll in the course again and start over.