Florida Driving Exam

From time to time, technical difficulties will arise when taking the Florida Permit Exam or the Florida Permit Course. If you find some kind of a glitch, it’s usually the result of some kind of a cache issue with your browser. If you don’t know what cache is or how to clear your cache, the easiest way to get around the problem is to just temporarily switch to another browser.

Different Browsers – Try something different.

  1. Figure out what browser you’re currently using. Take a look at the button that you clicked on to open the internet. The icon helps you identify which browser you are currently using.
  2. Check for another browser on your computer. Look to see if there is another button that you can click on to access the internet. Some of the common ones you might find are below.
  3. Download a new browser (if needed). If you don’t see another browser option on your computer, you might need to download a new browser. Don’t worry, it’s FREE, safe and easy. It’s also a good idea in general to have more than one browser to choose from on your computer.
If after switching to another browser you are still having difficulties then please don’t struggle any longer and reach out to us. Which browser should I choose? Google — the worlds largest search leader — offers their browser, Google Chrome. It’s one of the most popular and is a great browser. It works with most everything so there is no reason not to use it other than to give other companies a chance to help level the playing field and prevent monopolies. If that’s important to you and you need to switch to another browser to keep going in your course, consider one of the less popular alternatives. They are great browsers too and you just might find one you like a bit more.

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