S.A.V.E. Lives and Vendor Licenses

Hillsborough County Sheriffs S.A.V.E. both alcohol vendor licenses and lives!

A team of Hillsborough county sheriffs are dedicated to reducing DUI’s as a result of nightlife. Known as S.A.V.E, the acronym stands for Sheriff’s Alcohol Vendor Enforcement which is a partnership with vendors to “save” lives. The S.A.V.E. program was launched in 2006 and has been met with success and support from both the community and local vendors. The innovative program gives vendors the opportunity to connect directly with the sheriff’s office which gives them easy to access information and guidance. It serves as a great staff training program and provides the vendors with critical knowledge to ensure that they don’t lose their liquor license. Some of the topics covered through the training include: when you should stop serving alcohol to someone, preventing underage drinking and keeping a neighborhood-friendly establishment.

Alcohol Vendor Enforcement & DUI Arrests

DUI offender in a daze during a DUI arrestOne of the ways that the Sheriffs tracks the success of their program is by asking DUI offenders: “Where were you last drinking?” Every month, this information is compiled into a Top 10 List and the sheriff’s office connects with those vendors with the goal of reducing their business’ relationship with DUI arrests. This method is extremely useful, since showing a relationship between DUI convictions and businesses fosters a sense of responsibility. In addition to the previously mentioned topics covered, deputies also work with vendors by performing compliance checks, educating employees on fake ID’s and more.

Learn more about the S.A.V.E. Program.


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