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Did you know? Most traffic school providers require you to pay $9+ to get your certificate of completion? At 2Cool Traffic School, convenience doesn’t cost extra. Your downloadable certificate comes included in our low price!

Wisconsin Driving CertificateUpon completion of our Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course (FTY Course), we will take care of the entire certificate process on your behalf. When you finish our course, your completion status will be sent to the state within 24-72 hours. Once the completion report has been sent to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a downloadable certificate of completion will be available on your course dashboard for your records. Since your traffic school completion information is sent electronically to the DMV, the certificate we provide you with will not be accepted by the state or local driver’s license office. The certificate we provide you with serves as confirmation that you have fulfilled the failure to yield requirements and that Too Cool Traffic School has notified the state.

Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course

Failure to Yield Citation? We can help!

We are an official State Provider for the Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course which is fun and interactive so you don’t have to read pages and pages of boring content for seemingly endless hours like other providers.

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Check Your Driver’s License Status

Drivers cited for a failure to yield infraction are required to attend a WisDOT approved Failure to Yield/Right of Way course. Failure to yield violations that lead to bodily harm, great bodily harm or death to another person will result in an immediate license suspension.

  • Bodily harm: 2 month suspension
  • Great bodily harm: 3 month suspension
  • Death to another person: 9 month suspension

In these cases, drivers cannot have their license reinstated until the state is notified of course completion.

If you have already taken our failure to yield course to meet the state requirement, click the button below to check the status of your driver’s license.


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We are an official State Provider. Our Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course is only 2 hours long and available all online. You can stop and resume as often as you want and can take it in the convenience of your own home. It is fun and engaging with interactions, videos, games and more so you don’t have to read for hours at a time like other boring providers. Sit back, relax and listen. Follow along with our fun virtual guide, Sam. He makes it fun, engaging, and entertaining.

Official State Provider

Our Failure to Yield Course is easy, fun and fast!

We are approved by the Wisconsin DOT to offer the Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course 100% online. You can satisfy your state requirement in just 2 hours!

  • FREE Certificate of completion download
  • Fully narrated with virtual guide
  • Take the course anytime, anywhere
  • Stop and start anytime
  • Fun games & interactions
  • Top rated by thousands of students

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