Which course do first-time drivers in Florida need to take?


The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE), which is also known as the Drug and Alcohol course.

You can buy the TLSAE by clicking the button below but we recommend you consider scrolling down if your a teenager getting their license for our TEEN BUNDLE.

Here is how it works:

All new drivers, whether a teen or adult, who have not previously held a license in the past are required by Florida law to attend a class that covers traffic laws and substance abuse. This course, often referred to as the “TLSAE”, “DATA” or “Drug and Alcohol Course” and it is required by the state that you spend a minimum of 4 hours but it can be taken online for your convenience.
Some of the topics addressed in the class include:

  • the impact of drugs and alcohol on your body
  • what happens to your ability to drive when you are impaired
  • important traffic laws, and an overview of some important defensive driving skills.

Earning the TLSAE Certificate is just the first step as you can see. But to make things easier for you we have put together what we call the “TEEN BUNDLE” for persons 15 to 17 years old, it has our 4 products you need to get your license.


All 4 Products You NEED to Get your License.



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