Where are my certificates?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Where are my certificates?

Take a Look at the Status of Your Certificate.

Log into your account and if you are on a computer look all the way to the right for your course and at the end you will see the area for your certificate status. (If on a phone scroll down.) If you have a certificate that has been shipped your tracking information will be found here as well.

My certificate has been delivered but I didn’t get it.

If you see that your certificate has been delivered and you don’t have it, there are two possible explanations:

    • Your certificate was sent to your driving school (if you registered for our program through a behind-the-wheel driving school, this is the option that most people select and forget about!)
    • Your mailing address was incorrect or the certificate was lost in the mail

Registered with a driving school? If you registered with a driving school, please give them a call to make sure that they have the certificate if it is marked as delivered.

Not registered with a driving school? If your certificate is marked as delivered and you didn’t register with a driving school, check the “certificate status” area and find a tracking number. It should help you locate where your certificate was sent.

If you’ve followed the above procedures and are still unsure? Just reach out to us. Don’t stress.


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