Funny and Weird Traffic Laws (+Infographic)

Funny and Weird Traffic Laws (+Infographic)

Looking for a laugh? Here are some of the silliest driving laws in America!

In most cases, you shouldn’t turn your nose up at rules. But sometimes, you just have to chuckle and wonder, “Who came up with THAT?!”

Most driving laws are absolutely critical. It’s important to make sure that safety protocols are in place to maintain safe and orderly driving conditions. For example, it’s illegal to run red lights, speed or fail to stop for a stop sign. You also have to let pedestrians cross safely at crosswalks. There’s a whole slew of other laws that you need to know as a driver, too, such as where to drive on the road and following the speed limit. But in some cities and states, there are a few anomalies. And they sure make us crack up!

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