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Teen Driver’s Ed & Adult Driver Training

For persons 18 years old or older that didn’t pass one of the driving parts of the skills or driving test.

Ohio 24 hour teen drivers ed

24 Hour Driver’s Education Course (Required for teens 15 years 5 months through 17). FREE certificate delivery with tracking!

BDI (Basic Driver Improvement – Hillsborough County ONLY)

For persons that can opt to take a 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement course to prevent points going on your license.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

Required for all new drivers in the state of Florida.

Florida Driver’s License Handbook Course

An exclusive of TooCoolTrafficSchool. We are the only driver’s ed school that has taken the time to create an entire course from the Florida Driver’s Handbook. Everywhere else is just the PDF you need to read.

Florida Driver’s License Practice Test

Works just like the real test. Over 500 question pool. Reuse over and over until you’re ready to take the test.

Florida Online Learner’s Permit Test (Official, for teens only)

Florida Adult Driver Education Bundle.

All 3 products an adult would need to successfully get a Florida Driver’s License.

Florida Complete Teen Driver’s Education Bundle

All 4 products that a teenager in Florida needs to successfully prepare for earning a Florida driver’s license.

Our Tennessee Course:

Tennessee Defensive Driving

If you received a traffic ticket OR received a state letter you can dismiss your points with our engaging course.

Our Wisconsin Course:

Wisconsin Failure to Yield

We have FUN and engaging narration & activities WISDOT APPROVED

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