Passing the Ohio Maneuverability Test

Passing the Ohio Maneuverability Test

The Trick to Passing the Maneuverability Test

Man, if there were only a way that you could learn to do the maneuverability test so that you knew exactly what to do and when, right? Well there is. Yep, there is a basically foolproof way to do the maneuverability test.  Here is what you need to know.

Step 1. Become familiar with your car. Take time to park it and get out and look at your positioning. You should be able to stop your car with the front or rear bumper right on a line. That is the only skill you need to get out of the car to check. The rest is all inside. But don’t be lazy and have someone out there doing it for you. Get out and look yourself so you are seeing it so it makes sense in your head.

Sept 2. Once you can stop on any line now you are ready to start the maneuverability part. The key is the side view mirror. That is because that mirror is behind the pivot point of the vehicle. When the mirror is inline with the cone then the tire has cleared the cone so it is time to turn.

The first turn is when you are moving forward and it is done when the side view mirror is inline with second set of cones. You then turn the wheel the direction you are instructed to turn 180 degrees or half of a complete turn. So turn it so the steering wheel is upside down. Advance for ward until the side view mirror is now in line with the single end cone. Again, when it is, the tire is clear so go ahead and turn the wheel the other way. But this time 180 degrees will only get you back to straight. You need to turn it another 180 degrees to go around that single cone. So turn the steering wheel all the way 360 degrees so it is now a half turn past center, the other direction. Continue advancing like this with the wheel turned until the back bumper is in line with the cone and stop. Leave the wheel turned just as it is.

As you begin the process in reverse it is the same thing in reverse. You back up with the wheel turned still 180 degrees. (It was a 360 degree turn but the wheel was already turned 360 degrees so it is only 180) As the mirror reaches the single cone you then turn it the opposite direction 360 degrees ( a full turn all the way around) and the vehicle will now be swinging in line in the box.

Keep an eye on your side view mirror and when it is at the first pair of cones in this direction you turn the wheel 180 degrees which will have it back to upright and your vehicle should straighten out as you back out of the box and you stop at the line.