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Florida FAQ's

Florida 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE) FAQ

This course is REQUIRED by the state of Florida to get your first driver's license

Florida TLSAE CourseWe are an official provider for the state of Florida and the Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course (TLSAE). This is a course required by the state of Florida for ALL newly licensed drivers.

Florida Drivers Handbook Course FAQ

Exclusive to 2Cool Traffic School - the official Florida Driver's handbook in a course

Florida Driver's License Handbook COurseWe are the only traffic school that offers this preparation course for the learner’s permit exam. This item is not required but highly recommended.  The Florida Learner’s Permit Exam is based on the official Florida Driver’s Handbook. We have made the entire handbook into a fun and interactive course so that you remember all the material for the exam. This course heightens your chances of passing the very difficult permit exam the first time.

Florida Drivers License Practice Test FAQ

Over 500 Questions | Unlimited Uses

We are an official provider for the state of Florida and the Florida Driver’s License Practice Exams. This item is not required. However, it is the best way to measure your knowledge and expose areas of weakness that need more preparation.

Florida Learner's Permit Exam FAQ

Only teenagers under 18 can take their Learner's Permit Exam online

Florida Driver's License Learner's Permit ExamWe are an official provider for the state of Florida and the Florida Learner’s Permit Exam. Like the TSLAE, this item is required for all new drivers. Teens under the age of 18 can take the permit exam online. Anyone 18 years or older must schedule to take the permit exam in-person at the DMV.  Everyone also must have completed and passed the 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course, also known as TLSAE.

Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course FAQ

This course is for citations received in Hillsborough County or by court order only

FLorida BDI CourseOur Florida BDI Course is simple, fun and interactive. Refresh your memory on basic road rules and techniques with Sam, our animated guide. Sit back and follow along as Sam reads each of the 10 chapters to you. He will even teach you about new traffic laws and topics that you might not have known existed, such as special pedestrian crossings, bike boxes, and more!

Ohio FAQ's

Ohio 4-Hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course FAQ

Required for persons 18 years or older that failed a portion of their driving test

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training.We are an APPROVED provider for the state of Ohio and the 4-Hour Adult Abbreviated Driver Training Course.  This item is required by the state of Ohio for anyone 18 years or older that that failed a portion or both portions of their driving test.

Tennessee FAQ's

Tennessee 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course FAQ

Required if you are court-ordered by the state to take this course

We are an APPROVED provider for the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security and for the 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course. This item is required to dismiss points on your driver’s license and may also be court ordered. Please check with your county to see if they will accept online certifications.

Wisconsin FAQ's

Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course FAQ

Required if you received a Failure to Yield traffic citation

We are an APPROVED provider for the state of Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Failure to Yield Course. This course is required to keep points from accumulating on your driver’s license and may also be court-ordered.