Ohio Adult Remedial School - You are required by state law to take an 8-hour remedial course if your license is suspended or you want a two point credit.

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ATTENTION: This course is required by all drivers who have had their license suspended. It is optional for people who want to get a 2 point credit on their driving record to prevent a license suspension caused by too many points.

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Suspended License in Ohio

When you receive points on your driver’s license for a traffic violation, they remain on your record for two years. 

Point Removal for Traffic Ticket in Ohio

If you have started to accumulate points on your license, you can take Online Adult Remedial school to remove 2 points from your record.

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Adult Remedial Driving Course

8 Hour Online Adult Remedial Course

The Adult Remedial Driving Course curriculum includes a minimum of 8 hours of instruction. 25% of the course is dedicated to the topic of driver attitude and another 25% is dedicated to alcohol and drugs and the operation of motor vehicles.

Online Course Topics

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100% Online

All you need is the internet and you are set.

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DPS Approved

We are approved by the Ohio DPS.

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Interactive Course

Videos and activities make the course more fun.

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