Everything You Need to Know About Ohio’s Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Requirements

Things to Know about Ohio Adult Driver Training Requirements

General Overview

If you fail the road test or manueverability test at your local BMV and are over the age of 18, you will be required to take a 4-hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course AND do additional behind-the-wheel practice before you can retake the test.

This is what the BMV gives to show the different choices that you have to meet your requirements.

In summary, you need to do either:

  • 4-hour class and 4-hours of driving with a driving instructor OR
  • 4-hour class and 24-hours of driving with any licensed driver 21+

First thing's first... Register for the Online Abbreviated Adult Course

Fully narrated, easy to use, BMV approved!

Our 4-hour online course meets the education portion of the Abbreviated Adult Training requirements. The online class is fully narrated and is approved by the BMV. Certificates of completion are mailed out every day (Monday through Friday) and include a FREE tracking number!

Behind-the-Wheel Practice

If you failed your road test or maneuverability test, the State of Ohio wants to make sure that you gain a little more supervised driving practice before you attempt the test again. Although this seems like a hassle, it’s a valuable opportunity to get some more experience as a driver and feedback from people who have been driving for longer than you have! Since driving is a skill that you will use throughout your life, it’s very important to learn proper habits and maneuvering techniques early on so that you are prepared for all the years to come. Driving is dangerous and the learning experiences that you have will give you the tools you need to stay safe.

You have two options that you can choose from in order to satisfy the behind-the-wheel portion of the Abbreviated Adult Driver Training requirements.

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24-hrs With a Licensed Driver 21+


  • You can practice with a family member or friend that you feel comfortable driving with
  • You can practice during intervals and times that work into your schedule
  • There is no cost (other than the gas used while driving)


  • You cannot practice for more than 4hrs/day. This means that you would need to do 6 days of driving to get 24 hours of driving practice.
  • It’s time-consuming and will put more mileage and wear on the car
  • The cost of gas used over 24 hours of driving practice would only be slightly cheaper than the cost of going to a driving school

Resources for 24 Hour Option

  • To prove that you have completed 24 hours of driving practice, the state of Ohio requires that you print out the 24 Hour Affidavit and have it notarized.
  • To improve your understanding and be best prepared on what you will be tested on, use the Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation Checklist on your practice drives!

4-hrs with a Licensed Driving Instructor


  • The fastest way to complete the requirement
  • You benefit from the expertise of someone who knows tips they can share to help you succeed
  • Some schools offer you the choice of using your own vehicle or using one of theirs


  • The cost of the school is more expensive than driving with a family member
  • You don’t know your instructor personally

Find a Driving School Near You!

Zoom to where you live to find a local driving school that has been approved to offer the 4-hour abbreviated behind-the-wheel training. Not all driving schools in the state are approved, so it’s important that you only use one that has been certified by the state.

See a ♥ on the map? We’ve heard positive things from our students about those schools and recommend that you check them out to see if they would be a good fit for you.

Proof That You Completed the Requirements

How do I prove that I took the 4-hr course?

After you have completed the 4-hr Abbreviated Adult Course, you will get a Certificate of Completion sent to you by mail. No school is able to provide the certificate to you electronically. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to register for Too Cool Traffic School’s Abbreviated Adult Course to get your certificate delivered promptly.

  • Certificates mailed Monday-Friday
  • All students receive a FREE tracking number
  • Affordable shipping upgrades

How do I prove that I did the behind-the-wheel practice?

  • If you did behind-the-wheel practice with a family member or friend, you should download and print the 24 Hour Affidavit and have it notarized. Notaries are available for free at most banks and many libraries. You can view a map of the specific libraries in Ohio that offer free notary services here.
  • If you practiced with a licensed driving instructor, the school should have provided you with the document that you need as proof.

Once you have proof of the education and behind-the-wheel training, you can go the BMV to retake your test.

Retaking the Test at the BMV

Do I need an appointment to retake my test?

Yes! Be sure to schedule it in advance since the BMV schedule fills up quickly. However, you need to make sure that you will have enough time to take the 4-hr course and get the certificate of completion in the mail AND complete your behind-the-wheel practice.

Will I have to go through this whole process again if I fail the test on my next try?

No! Once you go through all of this once, you won’t need to do it again. In the event that you don’t pass it on your next attempt, the clerk at the BMV will tell you when you can come back in for a re-test. You should just make sure not to lose proof of your completion of the course and behind-the-wheel practice that you did.