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We understand that getting a traffic ticket is bad enough. So, why should you also be subjected to a boring traffic school with all sorts of hidden fees? You can always count on us to be there with your best interests at heart since we offer the lowest price traffic school with everything we have to offer.

We Are The Lowest Price Traffic School Online

No Surprises During Checkout

No Surprise Up-Charges in the Shopping Cart

No Extra Charge for Tracking

No Up-Charge for Narration

No Fake “State Fees”

Many online traffic schools tell you one price, only to surprise you with hidden fees at checkout that will make your eyes go wide with shock! Too Cool Traffic School will never mislead you; our courses are priced as marked. Any state fees and taxes associated with our courses are already included in the cost. As a result, we are truly the lowest price traffic school available!

See For Yourself - 2Cool Traffic School is the Lowest Priced Traffic School



Don’t be fooled by a low advertised price known as “deceptive marketing.”

When you get to their shopping cart, the course that was less than $10 jumps very quickly when they add on:

  • State Fees
  • Taxes
  • Certificate delivery Charges
  • Course Narration

So, please, don’t be fooled by the low advertised price.  In some cases, that price can balloon to over $90 (when you tack on expedited shipping)! We hope that you choose the best course for you that isn’t based on tricky advertising. 2Cool Traffic School is always 100% honest with our prices.


The Only Way to Take Traffic School

Traffic school isn’t on the top of anyone’s to-do list for fun. We get it. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience.

  • No pages of boring reading

  • Fun animated guide
  • 100% narrated course
  • Fun interactions, videos & games
  • Take the course at your leisure
  • Stop, start-come back anytime
  • NEVER any hidden or add-on fees

Official Provider

Our Driver Courses are 100% online. Easy.Fast.Fun!

We are an official State Provider. Plus, our courses are fun and interactive so you don’t have to read pages and pages of boring content for seemingly endless hours like other providers.

  • Fully narrated with virtual guide
  • Take the course anytime, anywhere
  • Stop and start anytime
  • Fun games & interactions
  • Top rated by thousands of students

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You Need More Then The TLSAE to get Your Learner's Permit or License

If you are not aware, the TLSAE course is a substance abuse education course whose purpose is to educate people about driving impaired. That is it. It is a prerequisite to taking the real exam that is the called the “Class E Knowledge Exam”. That is the test you take so you can get a learner’s Permit and drive under certain restrictions. The material for the Class E Test comes from the Florida Driver’s Handbook and we not only have an entire course for that but in our DISCOUNT PACKAGE we also include a Practice Test module that works just like the real exam.  It also offers unlimited ususes and a 500 question pool so if you use it a few times it will really test your knowledge. If you are under 18 you can take the actual Class E Exam online with us right here in the comfort of your home. Then all you do is go to the DMV with your documents plus $48 for the state and get your Learners Permit. If you are 18 the state requires you to visit a DMV because if you pass everything you’re going to get your real license. Our discounted pages save you money!

Over 18 years old or older? This is the package for you.

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