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Florida TSLAE Test



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ATTENTION: This is only the TLSAE online course or also known as the “Florida TLSAE Test”.  The Florida TLSAE Test is the first step in getting your Florida driver’s license. You need to study the Florida Driver’s Handbook and take the Learner’s Permit exam (pass that) and take the skills test (the driving part and pass that) to get your driver’s license.

Step 1:

Take at least 4 hours to complete and pass the Florida TLSAE Test online with us, then study for the Florida Permit Exam (see STEP 2).

Step 2:

The Florida Permit Exam is not based on the Florida TLSAE Test, but directly from the Florida Handbook Course, which we have created all online and NARRATED! Just sit back and listen.

Permit Course Topics

Florida DMV Syllabus

First Time Driver Course

Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course (Required)

You are required to take this course if you are a first timer driver in Florida, then (also known as TLSAE) in order to obtain your Florida driver’s license or Florida learner’s permit.

Florida Drivers Handbook Course


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The best preparation tool for the Learner’s Permit Exam

Official State Provider

We are an official state provider for Florida driver’s education online courses. We took the material directly from the official Florida Drivers Handbook written by the DHSMV and turned it into a fun, interactive handbook course.

Online Course Topics

Florida Drivers Handbook

Florida First time Driver Course


Adults who are 18 years or older that failed the road test and/or maneuverability test need to take this course.

Before retaking your test at the BMV, you must do TWO (2) things:

1. Take the 4 hours around your schedule to complete and pass the Florida Permit Course (Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course-TLSAE). 

2. Study for the Florida Class E Knowledge Exam (the Florida Permit Exam) using our Florida Handbook course.

2COOL Online Traffic Course

florida tlsae

100% Online

All you need is the internet and you are set.

florida tlsae

Free Certificates

Fully downloadable upon completion.

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Knowledge base full of answers to most common questions.

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Florida basic driver improvement course

FLHSMV Approved

We are Florida State-Approved.

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Entertaining Narration

Sit back and listen.


Are you 14 1/2 and need your drivers license?

Many people can’t wait until they turn 15 so they can work towards earning their first time drivers license here in sunny Florida. 


2COOL Traffic school offers many online courses and study guides to help prepare you and earn your drivers license.


Official Provider

We are an official State Provider and our online Florida traffic school makes fun interactive courses for you without all that boring reading like other providers.
Here our just some of our perks:
Florida basic driver improvement course

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florida tlsae

The TLSAE Test is a required, 4 hour course for all new, first time driver’s, in the state of Florida. It is called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course. It is a course designed to educate new drivers on the perils of driving while impaired and has a test at the end.

The test is 40 questions long. The length of time would of course be determined on how familiar you are with the material. The course is a 4 hour course you must complete before taking the test.

The test is provided by third party companies like ours. Prices range generally between $20 – $40. Our course is right in the middle at $29.99 but our price is the final price you actually pay. That includes everything like the complete narration, videos and exercises to keep students engaged. There are no upsells or add ons.

Yes. We offer it right here. You can take it on your computer, tablet or even your cell phone.

5. Do I have to take it all at one time?

No, our course will track your progress and if you need to take a break or can only dedicate a certain amount of time, when you log back in it will pick up right where you left off.

6. If I’m 18 or older do I need the TLSAE?

If you do not have a license from any other state then yes, all new drivers need to take the TLSAE.

7. If I’m under 18 do I need to take the TLSAE?

If you do not already have a learner’s permit or a temporary driving permit from another state, yes, you need to take the TLSAE.

8. How do I earn my certificate?

As soon as you complete and pass the course you can immediately download your certificate of completion.


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