Florida Learners Permit Rules | Florida Learners Permit Requirements


What are the Florida Learners Permit Rules?

Florida learners permit road rules

You qualify to get a restricted license, also known as a learner’s permit once you turn 15 years old. It is an exciting time for drivers, but it’s very important to understand all of the rules so you can get your full Class E license without any delay.

Qualifying Requirements

To qualify for a Learner’s Permit you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be over 15 years of age
  2. Have the consent of your parent or legal guardian (Click here for the form)
  3. Completed the Florida TLSAE Course and test
  4. Pass a vision and hearing test (Click here for locations)

Florida Learners Permit Rules & Regulations

Before you can start driving, there are a few things you should understand. After all, it isn’t called a “restricted” license for nothing! The learner’s permit stage is designed to allow new drivers to get instruction from more experienced drivers.

Learners Permit Restrictions Florida

  • An adult (21 and over) with a valid license will need to be in the front passenger seat when you drive
  • You can only drive between 6am and 7pm during the first 3 months
  • You can only drive between 6am and 10pm after the first 3 months
  • You must hold your permit for one year without any convictions/points before you can graduate to a Class E license

Preparing for the Learners Permit Test or the Florida Class E Knowledge Exam

Once you meet the above criteria you can then begin to work towards your actual Learners Permit. It is important to understand that studying and taking the Florida TLSAE is not the same as the Class E Knowledge Exam. The TLSAE is strictly substance abuse education. The Class E Knowledge Exam is the actual exam for your license and it covers the entire Florida Driver’s Handbook. All the laws and signs, everything a driver is responsible for. You can either get a copy of the Driver’s License Handbook or you can take our fully narrated course. Click here

Practice tests are the best way to test your knowledge. In fact, if money were a concern and you didn’t have the money to buy the entire package this is the one part that I would highly suggest you purchase. It works just like the test but it has a pool of over 500 questions to pull from. It also has unlimited uses. So if you find yourself needing to keep costs at a bare minimum, you can always download the Florida driver’s Handbook PDF and use this module to make sure you know your stuff.  (Here is a link to our practice test module)

Florida Driver's License Learner's Permit ExamThe Test

If you are under 18 when you are ready to take the test you can do it online with us here.

Still Need to get Your Learner’s Permit?


Steps to get your First Time Driver’s License

Here is a more detailed look at the steps above to in order to get your Learner’s Permit. Click here

Intermediate Licenses

Once you have held your learner’s permit for 12 months (remember — no convictions allowed!) and you meet the other requirements below, you can obtain an intermediate license. Intermediate licenses are far less restricted than a learner’s permit.

  • You are 16 or 17 years old
  • Parent or guardian certifies that you have at least 50 hours of behind the wheel driving (of which 10 must be at night)
  • You must take a driving test where you will be asked to perform different driving maneuvers

While the requirements for these are less strict, there are some very important rules that you must follow. With an intermediate license, you can drive without an accompanied licensed driver however:

  • 16 year olds can only drive between 6am and 11pm, or if they are traveling to or from work
  • 17 year olds can only drive between 5am and 1am, or if they are traveling to or from work
  • If you are driving outside the specified time period, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver that is 21 or older

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Teen Convictions

It’s important that you get your driving career started on the right foot. Be sure to complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course early, so you’re well aware of all the traffic laws before they surprise you. According to the FLHSMV,

“If a minor receives a conviction for a moving violation within the first 12 months, then the date for holding the learner’s license will be changed from the original eligibility date to 12 months from the last conviction date.”

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