Defensive Driving


What is defensive driving?

Defensive Driving DogDriving is dangerous, and crashes happen everywhere. In 2013, there were 5,687,000 crashes that happened across the United States, which breaks down to approximately 15,581 crashes per day. Vehicles are heavy and move at high speeds which makes them a deadly encounter on the roads. For this reason, defensive driving techniques have been established to help reduce your chances of getting into an accident, prevent loss of life, and reduce financial burdens on others.

What is defensive driving and how does it work?

Defensive driving is becoming a necessity on the roads since it provides education on how to be better prepared for hazardous driving situations. It also sets drivers up to make better decisions that could ultimately save a life in the future. Drivers that want the best understanding of defensive driving techniques often choose to take an online traffic school.

Some of the topics involved with a defensive driving school include:

  • Dangers of driving under the influence
  • Crash dynamics
  • Safety equipment and proper use
  • Crash prevention techniques (such as proper following distance, driving in poor weather conditions, passing procedures, sharing the road, etc)
  • Risks and suggestions as they apply to driving when fatigued, stressed, angry, or emotionally-distraught

Skills worth learning

Drivers that use these skills are less likely to be involved in a crash, and typically understand the road rules better. If you have ever been around a reckless driver, you know the value of drivers that can drive safely. Taking a defensive driving class can refresh your memory on current road rules and prepare you to share the road with other drivers that may not be as road savvy. In most cases, defensive driving classes are used to eliminate points from being assessed against your license after a traffic ticket. However, many insurance agencies offer a discount on your car insurance as an incentive for drivers that strive to improve their driving habits and stay safe on the roads.[/vc_wp_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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