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Don’t delay! This is a quickly growing industry! The driver education industry is shifting online due to the pandemic and is one of the fastest growing industries.

2Cool Traffic School is a highly rated and respected online driver training service. We offer some of the highest paying commissions for small businesses in the industry.

  • Capture Self-Paced Learners
  • Highly Reviewed (4.6/5 Stars!)
  • High Payouts
  • Easy Signup
  • No Support

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How Much Can I Earn?

We are proud to offer highly competitive commissions for our online courses. Contact us to learn the rates for each state program that you’re interested in. 

With minimal effort…

  • Link-Only Affiliates can easily earn an additional $500+ per month with a well performing website
  • Affiliate Partners can easily earn an additional $2000+ per month by bundling our course into a behind-the-wheel package

Affiliate Options

Option 1 – Affiliate Link Only – With this option all you do is sign up and place the link in appropriate places to advertise the course like your website and social media. At the beginning of each month you get a check from the previous months sales. That’s it. Not worries, no hassles.

Option 2 – Affiliate Partner – If you are a Driver Education School and want to take more control over the offerings like bundle our online course with your behind-the-wheel training on your website, or have access to your student data this is how you do that.

We cover 100% of technical support. 

You don’t need to lift a finger to help with customer support, regardless of the affiliate option you choose! We are the actual developers of our product, for both the course and the entire learning software it’s delivered on. You can direct customers to contact us, so you never need to worry. Our affiliates and students love how quickly we respond!

Special Features for Affiliate Partners

If you are a Driver Education School and want to take more control over the offerings, you can bundle our online course with your behind-the-wheel training on your website and have access to your student data.

Create BTW Bundles

Pre-purchase the online course at a big discount and turn it into a package deal for your behind-the-wheel students. Schools in Ohio can pre-purchase course seats for $45 and include them in bundles that they sell at any price of their choosing.

Manage Course Access

Pre-purchase the online course at a big discount and turn it into a package deal for your students. Schools in Ohio can pre-purchase course seats for $45 and include them in bundles that they sell at any price of their choosing.

Easy Record Keeping

Easily check to see how far along students are in the program. You will have access to their quiz results, time spent in the program, and completion details.

No Lost Certificates

We mail students Enrollment and Completion Certificates directly to the driving school affiliate partner. This eliminates the issue of student’s losing or forgetting the paperwork that driving schools need to have on file to meet the OH DPS requirements.

Not a Web Developer? Need Help? We've Got You Covered.

Looking to take this chance to spruce up your website? We’d like to help you out. Not everyone can do everything, and if you need help with your website, we can get you connected with some expert web developers. Our affiliates get a special discount on WordPress websites! The company behind 2Cool Traffic School is a new media development company, so if you need help getting all of this taken care of just email us and let us know so we can connect you with Frank who can help you navigate the process.

An Affiliate Program Designed for Your Success

Businesses need creative solutions. We’ve got you covered.

As a business owner, it’s important to always find creative ways to keep moving forward. With all of the uncertainty about attending physical classes in driving schools or not, one thing is for certain: studying online in a safe and comfortable environment like your home is becoming an increasingly popular method for students who need to meet their driving requirements. You can benefit from this by offering online driver’s ed courses to your visitors with 2Cool Traffic School.

Businesses want to provide their visitors with a quality product that also earn you income.

By becoming an affiliate with us, you provide a valuable service to your visitors while also bringing a new source of income to your business.  Our courses are highly rated by students as we were the pioneer in e-learning in the online driver’s education industry. Prior to our entry, an “online driver’s ed course” was just a PDF that students had to read. Some providers still offer this outdated type of course! We introduced “Sam” our animated host that takes students through the material like a teacher in a lecture. You can provide a top quality product with no drawback.

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Becoming an affiliate with 2Cool Traffic School is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your business.

It’s ideal for:

  • Bloggers
  • Driving Schools
  • Online Traffic Schools (offering other products and looking to expand their course catalog)
  • …and many more!

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Products You Can Sell

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Course

Are you 18 years or older & failed the road test or maneuverability test? If so, we’ve got you covered! In just 4 hours, you can meet the requirement with us before retaking the driving test at the BMV.

Ohio 24 Hour Teen Drivers Ed

If you are 15 years and 5 months you can sign up for our 24 Hour Drivers Education Course and get started on getting your Ohio Temps. Special: Includes FREE FEDEx-2 Day Shipping on Certificate of Completion.

Florida Teen driver package

Florida Learner’s Permit Bundle

Includes the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, the Florida Handbook Course, Unlimited Permit Exam Practice Tests, and the Official Learner’s Permit Exam. This is the package for new drivers under 18 years old.

Bundled package of courses for an new adult driver in Florida

Florida Adult Learner’s Permit Bundle

Includes the Drug and Alcohol Course, the Florida Handbook Course, and unlimited learner’s permit practice tests. Once these things are done, adults 18+ can go to the DMV for their state learner’s permit exam!

Florida TLSAE Course

Florida 4 Hour Drug And Alcohol Course

Are you getting your Florida driver’s license for the first time? If so, we offer the best stress-free 4 Hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course (also known as the TLSAE) to help you meet all of Florida state driver’s license requirements.

Florida BDI Course

Florida Basic Driver Improvement

Did you get a ticket in Hillsborough County OR a letter from the state requiring you to take this course? If so, we can help you dismiss the points from your license and remove the citation from your driving record.

tennessee defensive driving course graphic

Tennessee Defensive Driving Course

Did you receive a court order in Tennessee to take a class for 4-hour Defensive Driving? If so, our fully-narrated, online course will help you satisfy this requirement.

Wisconsin failure to yield course

Wisconsin Failure To Yield Course

This is the course for anyone who receives a Failure to Yield citation in the state of Wisconsin. In just 2 hours, you can finish and satisfy the state requirement for your traffic violation from the comfort of your own home.

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