2020 End of Year Updates

Despite the pandemic and all of the challenges that has brought, we’ve had a very productive year and have made a lot of exciting new changes, updates and partnerships to benefit every affiliate and student in our 2Cool family.
  • Affiliate Program Changes
    • Bundle Your Behind-the-Wheel With Our Online Programs
    • New Affiliate Dashboard
    • FREE Marketing Website
  • Partnership with DRVN App = Better Ohio Drivers!
  • Partnership with Orion High School to Earn High School Credit
  • Introducing the 2Cool Knowledge Base
  • Streamline/simplify new certificate requests
  • 2021…. NEW AUDIO & ANIMATED GUIDE for the 24 hour course!


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Bundle Your Behind-the-Wheel With Our Online Programs

If you’re not already taking advantage of our option to bundle your behind-the-wheel with our courses, get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

► Pre-purchase course seats at a discounted rate, no minimum.
► Assigning a course seat is easy (all you need is the student’s email).
► Student certificates mailed directly to your driving school

New Affiliate Dashboard

This is an update that we made based on feedback from our 2Cool Affiliate family. We’re happy to be able to offer this to you to provide more transparency and make it easier for you to measure and see how your marketing efforts work out into direct sales.

► Log into your account to see your affiliate earnings in real time!
► Contact us if you need help getting into your account

FREE Marketing Website

You already have a website. But we want to help you maximize your opportunities. Many businesses have a secondary site (like we do!) to help improve their chances of being found in search engine results. We want you to succeed. After all, you’re part of our 2Cool family! 

► We’ll make you a free website and any sales that come through it earn you a 30% commission. You can still use your other website, too!
► No catch, everything else that you do as an affiliate stays the same.
► Contact us at 844-602-1555 for details.


Parents aren’t driving instructors, and they’re often thrown into this new role as a driving coach. Once their teens are done with their online Driver’s Ed Course and finish the state-required behind-the-wheel training with a driving instructor, it’s suddenly their job to make sure their kids are prepared for the most dangerous thing they’ll do regularly throughout their life… drive. We want to make sure both parents and teens are prepared! Our partnership with the DRVN App helps teach parents how to be a better driving coach and can ultimately make teens up to 50% less likely to have a road incident in the future.


► Easy to teach sessions for parents
► Parents can track time and skill progress with their teen driver

We’ve partnered with Orion High School to offer students the ability to earn high school credit for completing driver’s ed with us.

► Option available at checkout and on their student account dashboard for an additional fee.
► They will receive a sealed, mailed transcript that they need to present to their school.

► With detailed steps, screenshots, and even a few videos, our support team has stepped it up a notch to help out our students.
► This is in addition to our superb support already available by phone, email, and live chat.


Information about the new certificate request process will be available in the Knowledge Base soon!


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